Saturday, November 17, 2012

What have I learned

Persistence--a key to success. 

My lack of commitment to this blog exposes persistence as a weakness of mine. However, I have not wavered as poorly in my journey towards success. Certainly if my semi-biannual trend of posting in this blog continues then one would expect bountiful progress in such time spans. That has been the case. 2012 has marked the year in which I've learned the most in my opinion.

What have I learned? I've learned:
  • Examining and eliminating weaknesses/inefficiencies/negative thought patterns is a difficult but necessary process, and an ongoing one. But, once a certain level of progress is attained it becomes easier, instinctive, and much more enjoyable.
  • Teachers and Mentors are extremely valuable, but the choice to learn and absorb lessons from great individuals must be a commitment from within that is not taken lightly. There are incredible individuals that can show and teach lessons you need, in ways that impact you deeply. Time the resource of success is invested by both parties, mutual appreciation and gratitude are musts.
  • There is endless blessings to be grateful for, focusing on these will create more. Incorporating gratitude into my daily routine is essential. The depth of feeling with my gratitude reflected in the abundance or lack in given areas of my life.
  • My daily routine, and specifically the routine of mornings have a large impact on success. The sacred hours of the early morning need to be seized and utilized in a proactive structured way. 
  • Time management is the most important key to being successful in any endeavor in my experience. This became very apparent throughout this year and really throughout the last 10 years in retrospect-- back to my first point, this realization forced me to eliminate weaknesses, inefficiencies and push to eradicate negative thought patterns...both conscious and subconscious (especially the latter).
  • Being in a mutually loving relationship with a person that you truly respect, admire, appreciate, and cherish can make amazing things happen. The brief period in which I experienced this was unlike any other in my life. A wonderful flow permeated my days; synchronistic events abounded, and a feeling of ease and peace was present. I want to again build such a relationship, and sustain it until my spirit leaves this physical being. 
  • Setting goals is not enough. They need to be re-set and evaluated often. Also, goals must be clear and specific, very detailed. Furthermore they should be referred to often--daily--in fact twice a day, morning and night. Keeping some of them to yourself can be invaluable in terms of focus and not letting externals (friends, family, opinions, society etc.) distract or detract.
  • One career path is not going to work for me. I have varied interests, passions, desires and callings that I want to explore. I realized some time ago, but didn't apply the realization that what I want in life is to be a renaissance man, master as many skills as I can in my existence here on Earth, and enjoy that process. 
That is some grand scale learning I did this year, combined with very specific knowledge acquired in the culinary field, which would almost require another dedicated blog to divulge. Although if I searched deeper I could continue the list with relative ease, I believe that that provides an accurate summation of the key points.

Updating on my brackets:

Physically-- I am certainly the most fit I've ever been. Although I've been bigger (20lbs heavier) and still "in shape" or "cut", I think that where I'm at now my body and muscles can do things that I would never have been able to at that weight. Health and fitness have progressed on a somewhat consistent level over the last 5 years, and this development provides great learning. Health is paramount. I've given up vices that were both wastes of time and health and resolve to keep them out of my life. Tobacco and alcohol were the main offenders. The amount of time, money, and energy I wasted on those two things in the last 10 years is sickening, and the person I became at times under the influence is shameful. I realize my tendencies gravitate towards addictive personality disorder and that moderation is not viable. Therefore elimination was necessary.

Spiritually--Great strides made. Life long process of refinement and dedication. Gratitude and deepening gratitude have brought the most benefits to me and my spirit. Tapping into divine creativity has been available at times and it's a great feeling. Yoga is an act of spiritual transcendence when practiced properly, and the development of my practice has helped immensely in this bracket. Onward and upward.

Emotionally--I've been up and down but much less then in previous years. The deepening of spiritual fulfillment and physical development help IMMENSELY in stabilization of emotions. I can say that for certain I have not experienced strong depression (other then a matter of a minor heartbreak, but that did unfold beautifully in the end) the way I did periodically over the last 10 years.

Financially--This bracket hasn't been included yet but it's important. Very important. An area of immense weakness in my life until yesterday, when I resolved to take action and control. Reckless spending, no concept of financial priorities, and disorganization have led to a bracket that is not in league with it's three predecessors. Moving forward I believe that structuring and tracking my finances accurately will help, along with developing multiple income streams (fundamental of wealth building). I believe I can attract riches, and my desire to do so is growing stronger daily. Once attained, I want to use my riches to benefit everybody...including YOU!

That is a summary, and a pretty good one of my mental state presently and a reflective narrative of the most recent gap between entries. Instead of reiterating that I need to be more disciplined in my maintenance of this blog I think that goes without saying. Thank you for reading this, I will aim to provide content often and outside the format of these three entries. Successful blogs have pictures, links and READERS. All of which I presently require. I know this, bear with me and my content will improve and be much more enjoyable.

I leave you with a thankful heart.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Several Successes Later

Oh yeah, I have a blog....July 2010 eh? So it's definitely been a while. (Back to formal prose)

Success has found me, or rather we have met--in fact, many times since my inaugural entry. Reflecting on where I must have been when I last inputted thoughts, I've certainly come a long way. For one, I'm steadily employed in a challenging and rewarding job, with good pay and benefits. This came about through another success that I had in early September, getting a flexible part time job that eventually culminated in this great opportunity that I'm currently pursuing. Furthermore, I've decided to fulfill a natural progression and study something that I was virtually born into: The Culinary Arts. It's definitely my background, and where I've had prior success as well, but the journey I'm on led me to strive for more--for the best. I needed to improve my skills and become a well rounded hospitality weapon. In all honesty I'm thrilled with the way things are unfolding, and the manifestations of a beneficial and good attitude. These aforementioned accomplishments of late, are in what I will deem the career & education bracket. Previously I mentioned that well rounded success was my purpose, and I will update on other brackets progressions.

Physically--I'm approaching the strongest I've ever been. And, most likely the healthiest I've been since childhood. Dedication to a rigorous training regimen, and the recent addition of yoga have yielded worthy results. The crux is to avoid complacency, and continue to push myself through any and all plateaus that lie ahead in the realm of physicality. An area of requisite focus is diet, and a dedication to an equilibrium between exercising and consumption of an adequate amount of healthy food. This is the area to be improved upon the most in this particular bracket.

Spiritually--harder to quantify, but I've made progress. Maintaining a grateful mindset, and cultivating good are ongoing processes that will never cease. I believe this is a constant endeavor that must be practiced and developed each day; and due to its almost indiscernible progression faith must be maintained that when the effort is there, results and benefits are sure to follow.

Emotionally--I'm in a great place now, some rough patches between my initial recounting and my present dialogue, but obstacles are learning experiences. Happiness is what I make it, and how I make it is a direct result of thoughts and feelings I choose to experience. I take responsibility for deviating and regressing into negative thought patterns, because blaming externals is an excuse for not accepting my own hand in shaping my life. I almost gave up...but shortly after my lowest point a door opened. Following that, I resumed the gratitude process for the blessing that had been bestowed upon me. Realizing that even in my negative realm on the edge of relinquishing, I was taking things for granted. Discouragement: Dis-courage-ment--loosing ones courage. It takes more courage to try hard every day, facing adversity, being kind, and accepting what comes good or bad, knowing that the effort will pay off, and the good will outweigh the bad; as opposed to writing everything off as out of one's control, blaming life or the universe for the situations and tribulations in our paths, and focusing on the bad therefore increasing its share in our emotional marketplace. As per spirituality this is an ongoing and slightly less obvious success bracket, but it is valuable in equality with others, and has a direct correlation to changes in it's counterparts.

I have much further to go, and much higher to reach...this is only the foundation to build upon. I will continue striving, working the hardest, and trying my very best.

I see bright, warm light ahead. But, it's not at the end of a tunnel, it's in all directions...even when I turn to look back.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breaking ground, or building up--either way I've begun.

The first thing I'll say is that as of right now I'm not exactly 'successful', but I will be. I know it. Successful in what you ask? To me there is only one answer and one true form of what I'm striving for: call me a perfectionist, but success must be in all aspects of ones life. What good is an abundance of money if you're unconsciously unfulfilled?Many measure success in terms of the material--what kind of car do you drive? what do you wear? how large is your house? Although financially successful is a goal of mine, I won't be satisfied with simply that. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, in my career(s) & relationships I am striving to succeed. I believe that success is like love; powerful, often fleeting-- effort is requisite to maintain it, and for it to flourish.

We always have a choice--light or dark.I've had fruition in the past, but also defeat. It's all in how you perceive it though, a defeat is a gateway to advancement when viewed in the correct light. Working on positive thinking, and the law of attraction, I'm making better choices and doing my best to be responsible. Responsibility:today I mused that it's more then what I took it to be in the past. I took it as making difficult choices, in hopes of advancement; or things one must do to be an adult. Break it down though 'respons(e)-ability'. One's ability to respond to a situation--hopefully in the virtuous and correct manner. I think that responsibility is a key to attaining success, but also to maintaining it.

This blog is aimed at chronicling my rise, and what it takes. Like what I strive for, blog will do no good unless it is well maintained. So frequency is important. Breakthroughs will be noted, and triumphs recorded. I'll try to keep the mundane, minute successes to myself and relay their conglomeration on the upward path.