Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Several Successes Later

Oh yeah, I have a blog....July 2010 eh? So it's definitely been a while. (Back to formal prose)

Success has found me, or rather we have met--in fact, many times since my inaugural entry. Reflecting on where I must have been when I last inputted thoughts, I've certainly come a long way. For one, I'm steadily employed in a challenging and rewarding job, with good pay and benefits. This came about through another success that I had in early September, getting a flexible part time job that eventually culminated in this great opportunity that I'm currently pursuing. Furthermore, I've decided to fulfill a natural progression and study something that I was virtually born into: The Culinary Arts. It's definitely my background, and where I've had prior success as well, but the journey I'm on led me to strive for more--for the best. I needed to improve my skills and become a well rounded hospitality weapon. In all honesty I'm thrilled with the way things are unfolding, and the manifestations of a beneficial and good attitude. These aforementioned accomplishments of late, are in what I will deem the career & education bracket. Previously I mentioned that well rounded success was my purpose, and I will update on other brackets progressions.

Physically--I'm approaching the strongest I've ever been. And, most likely the healthiest I've been since childhood. Dedication to a rigorous training regimen, and the recent addition of yoga have yielded worthy results. The crux is to avoid complacency, and continue to push myself through any and all plateaus that lie ahead in the realm of physicality. An area of requisite focus is diet, and a dedication to an equilibrium between exercising and consumption of an adequate amount of healthy food. This is the area to be improved upon the most in this particular bracket.

Spiritually--harder to quantify, but I've made progress. Maintaining a grateful mindset, and cultivating good are ongoing processes that will never cease. I believe this is a constant endeavor that must be practiced and developed each day; and due to its almost indiscernible progression faith must be maintained that when the effort is there, results and benefits are sure to follow.

Emotionally--I'm in a great place now, some rough patches between my initial recounting and my present dialogue, but obstacles are learning experiences. Happiness is what I make it, and how I make it is a direct result of thoughts and feelings I choose to experience. I take responsibility for deviating and regressing into negative thought patterns, because blaming externals is an excuse for not accepting my own hand in shaping my life. I almost gave up...but shortly after my lowest point a door opened. Following that, I resumed the gratitude process for the blessing that had been bestowed upon me. Realizing that even in my negative realm on the edge of relinquishing, I was taking things for granted. Discouragement: Dis-courage-ment--loosing ones courage. It takes more courage to try hard every day, facing adversity, being kind, and accepting what comes good or bad, knowing that the effort will pay off, and the good will outweigh the bad; as opposed to writing everything off as out of one's control, blaming life or the universe for the situations and tribulations in our paths, and focusing on the bad therefore increasing its share in our emotional marketplace. As per spirituality this is an ongoing and slightly less obvious success bracket, but it is valuable in equality with others, and has a direct correlation to changes in it's counterparts.

I have much further to go, and much higher to reach...this is only the foundation to build upon. I will continue striving, working the hardest, and trying my very best.

I see bright, warm light ahead. But, it's not at the end of a tunnel, it's in all directions...even when I turn to look back.

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