Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breaking ground, or building up--either way I've begun.

The first thing I'll say is that as of right now I'm not exactly 'successful', but I will be. I know it. Successful in what you ask? To me there is only one answer and one true form of what I'm striving for: call me a perfectionist, but success must be in all aspects of ones life. What good is an abundance of money if you're unconsciously unfulfilled?Many measure success in terms of the material--what kind of car do you drive? what do you wear? how large is your house? Although financially successful is a goal of mine, I won't be satisfied with simply that. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, in my career(s) & relationships I am striving to succeed. I believe that success is like love; powerful, often fleeting-- effort is requisite to maintain it, and for it to flourish.

We always have a choice--light or dark.I've had fruition in the past, but also defeat. It's all in how you perceive it though, a defeat is a gateway to advancement when viewed in the correct light. Working on positive thinking, and the law of attraction, I'm making better choices and doing my best to be responsible. Responsibility:today I mused that it's more then what I took it to be in the past. I took it as making difficult choices, in hopes of advancement; or things one must do to be an adult. Break it down though 'respons(e)-ability'. One's ability to respond to a situation--hopefully in the virtuous and correct manner. I think that responsibility is a key to attaining success, but also to maintaining it.

This blog is aimed at chronicling my rise, and what it takes. Like what I strive for, blog will do no good unless it is well maintained. So frequency is important. Breakthroughs will be noted, and triumphs recorded. I'll try to keep the mundane, minute successes to myself and relay their conglomeration on the upward path.

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